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Mapp vs Gaming Wafffle: Fate Core

We're probably around two thirds of the way through character creation for our Fate Core game: we may have managed to get a little bit further through it today if it wasn't for the timely intervention of fish and chips. Mmmm, fish and chips. This is the first time we've tried this particular roleplaying game but, after a brief flirt with Eclipse Phase, I wanted to try something that still scratched that science fiction itch, but without quite so many mechanics and the required reading.

We started off by setting out the sort of game we were going to play - a genre (science fiction), a scale (small-ish) and a few things that we'd be drawing influence from (Space Dandy, Firefly, Spaceballs, Bravest Warriors, etc. etc.) and then began throwing ideas about what sort of characters we'd like to play. I sort of danced around the game creation and character creation parts, as ideas for the game fed into character ideas, which then spawned new ideas for the game, and so on until the three of us were throwing ideas around, scribbling things down and things were flowing well. Having usually played and run games where setting creation is mostly in the hands of the person running the game, the collabrative nature of this method was a pleasant change. Taking a character detail and "working backwards" to come up with a setting that justifies it is... well, fun. So here's what we've got, setting wise:

- Two great super-powers ("Space Nazis" and "Space Commies") waged war across the galaxy for generations, but have since exhausted themselves and retreated back, going into a cold war.
- People eke out a living in what was once the front line; it's a lawless sort of frontierland now, this is where the game is mostly set.
- Space chickens are a thing.
- The Space Nazis were deeply into mad science.

Our characters are smugglers, hounded by Space Nazis, trying to make a living in the frontierlands of space. The team is:
Experiment 326, a now-pacifistic genetically engineered super-weapon (thanks Space Nazis), that changes shape when nervous. Probably responsible for the scourging of Planet X.
Herr Kochstein, a telepathic space chicken, who spouts Space Nazi propaganda when stressed out (think Dr Strangelove), who also doubles as a back-alley doctor. Kicked out of Doc Sawbone's Medical Ministry due to "ethical concerns"
Light of Heaven, a glitchy, decomissioned Space Communist warship turned space taxi, who's addicted to social networking. Once tried to pretend to be a space chicken to go on a blind date with Herr Kochstein.

Locations of note so far are the Scumm Bar, which is a giant bar orbiting what's left of a world blown up by some kind of superweapon, and whatever hidey-hole Herr Kochstein (we'll probably abbreviate this to HK, because I don't want to have to keep saying something that suspiciously sounds like "herr cockstain") has set his back alley doctor shop up in. We've got a single-minded NPC that's trying to chase down the PCs, and a strange alien that's either the PCs fixer-upper, their favourite cam-alien, or a bit of both.

We still need to do a few more things - skills need picking, stunts need debating - but we're almost there. Hopefully the game can start proper next weekend.