Mapp Versus The World

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Mark "Mapp" Mapp
27 April 1983
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Warning: this is the journal of a twenty-something year old geek. I was born and raised in the Channel Islands and, through a series of misadventures, ended up living in London, where I spend most of my time quietly grumbling about the Olympics.
agrarian reform, angsty goth poetry, anime, assam, badgers, baldness, barrels, bavarian illuminati, bits of meat, bits of paper, blowing stuff up, bowler hats, bridport, broken chairs, cat 5 cable, changeling, chi square tests, chocolate, chocolate cake, chocolate digestives, civil disobedience, cochlea, coffee, continuum, crazy martial arts, dangerous levels of sugar, demon hamsters, dinner animals, discordianism, doghorse, dsm-iv, ducks, duvets, eve online, exeter, falsifying statistics, fish, fluffy clouds, forks, games workshop, goats, grape ninjas, haddock, hats, honiton, hula-hoops, hummus, hyperactivity, ice cream toppings, igloos, intellectualism, juggling, king size twix bars, kneel before zod, kobolds, larp, lawninjas, level twenty elven bards, lewis carroll, linux, llamas of mass destruction, mackerel, maelfroth, maelstrom, man-eating tigers, marathon bars, marmalade, marmite, masticating, milk plus, mittens, mojo jojo, monkey, mornington crescent, mountain dew, munchkin, network administration, network contention ratios, neurotic people, ninjas, non-icky things, online comics, opal fruits, oreos, orinoco, packet loss, paranoia, paranoia rpg, peace and quiet, people who like me, people who like people, pickled body parts, pineapple on pizza, pirates, pooka, pretentious goths, pretty fire, protesting, punk, rabbits, rats, red pandas, revolutionary politics, road signs, rocko's modern life, roleplaying games, rotate that fish, sheriff pony, shiny things, singing badly, ska, sleep, slug poison, sluggy freelance, smilies, social anxiety disorder, sporks, stealthy ninjas, stickle bricks, strange noises, strange synergy, strawberry jelly, stuff, subspace, syndicate wars, system administration, tau, tea, telegraph poles, the art of procrastinating, the number five, theme hospital, third-wave ska, tickle me hellmo, topato, trotskyism, trout tickling, tuna, twitching noses, wardriving, warm pyjamas, wedgies, wigu, wombles, world of darkness, world of warcraft, wrapping paper